St Augustine's Parish is a great community which tries to live the Gospel in all that we do. If you live locally we hope this site will inspire you to join our community. If you live far away, we hope that this site will provide inspiration for your own ministry and spirituality. 


Welcome to Country

On Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Sunday-5th July- Ngunnawal man, Michael Bell, began Mass by welcoming the St Augustine’s Parish Community to his country. Some excerpts from his speech are included below. “I would like to acknowledge my Ngunnawal Elders any other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Elders, I would also...

Thoughts from the presbytery – 12 June

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, It was wonderful being able to celebrate with many parishioners last weekend.  Thank you for your commitment to the faith and your generosity expressed by the collections.  This Sunday will be the last Liturgy of the Word via Zoom, as long as the coronavirus...

Thoughts from the presbytery – 5 June

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I thank God for our wonderful country and the leaders who have worked tirelessly to protect its citizens during this Covid-19 pandemic. I thank God for our communion of communities and especially for you who have been prepared to make extraordinary sacrifices for the...

Thoughts from the presbytery – 29 May

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ, We were told yesterday that Sister Macrena will be moving to Young this coming Tuesday. A lunch will be held outside the Hartigan Centre this Sunday at 12:30pm for those who would like to wish Sister Macrena all the best for the future and...


St Augustine's Parish is located in the southern tablelands district of New South Wales, Australia. It incorporates the town of Yass and the villages of Gunning, Murrumbateman, Bowning, Breadalbane, Dalton, Gurrundah and Wee Jasper.


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