St Augustine's Parish is a great community which tries to live the Gospel in all that we do. If you live locally we hope this site will inspire you to join our community. If you live far away, we hope that this site will provide inspiration for your own ministry and spirituality. 


Thoughts from the presbytery – 22 March

Next Sunday, being the fifth Sunday of the month, Mass will be held at Wee Jasper at 10:00am. Gunning and Murrumbateman will celebrate a Liturgy of the Word with Holy Communion at the usual times. The first meeting for the year of the Community Council of Mount Carmel School will...

News from the PPC

At the  Parish Pastoral Council Meeting on the 13th March the Parish Councillors reviewed the duties of their portfolios and discussed how they could use their roles to best meet some of the issues of concern for parishioners raised at our Parish Plenary preparation meeting. They decided on three main...

Thoughts from the presbytery – 15 March

At St. Augustine’s Parish Pastoral Council held this week, we welcomed Lourdes O ‘Keefe who will manage the social portfolio, assisted by Steve Scroope.  We listened to reports from each member and these will be available to parishioners via email and the noticeboard.  If you read the reports, I think...

Yass supports Caritas Kitchen

Parishioners from St Augustine’s Parish strike a pose at the Caritas Kitchen Project Compassion launch last Thursday. After a delicious pot luck dinner, guest speaker Paul Mwenda told his story about the afternoon in Kenya when blindness became his constant companion. Paul’s story was extraordinary; he described how important it...


St Augustine's Parish is located in the southern tablelands district of New South Wales, Australia. It incorporates the town of Yass and the villages of Gunning, Murrumbateman, Bowning, Breadalbane, Dalton, Gurrundah and Wee Jasper.


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