Thoughts from the presbytery – 30 November

Advent, from the Latin adventus meaning coming, is a special season in preparation for Christmas.  The Church not only prepares to welcome Him at Christmas, it also rejoices in the possession and the presence of its Lord in its midst.  All through the year we are summoned to prepare the way of the Lord, to hear the voice of Him who is even now in their midst to prepare for his second coming by living the mystery of Christ in the present.

Due to the busyness of this time of the year, we can be distracted and lose sight of the simple and profound truth, God is with us.  I hope to be reconciled with those people I have hurt and to enter more deeply into the mystery of a God of infinite mercy.  There will be ample opportunity to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation and a communal celebration at 6pm, 21st December.

The survey for the Plenary Council 2020 is now closed and we look forward to the analysis of those issues you would like presented.  At our deanery meeting this week, it was decided to have four representatives from each parish to meet at North Goulburn on the first Saturday of March 2019.  This will be the opportunity to progress our concerns to the Archdiocesan level of consultation.

St. Augustine’s Finance Committee held a meeting this week and welcomed Trish Gibbs as a new member.  We have discussed ways of simplifying our accounts and hope, as usual, to present the annual report in March.  Accountability requires complete transparency and if any parishioner has concerns, please speak with a member.

I have been reading Richard Rohr’s, “Falling Upwards”, which I can recommend to anyone trying to understand themselves in this postmodern era.  “Sin happens whenever we refuse to keep growing.” (Gregory of Nyssa)

Please pray for Trish Chipangura and Georgia Whitaker, who are discerning entry into our community of faith through baptism at the Easter Vigil.

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