Thoughts from the presbytery – 15 February

At St. Augustine’s Parish Pastoral Council, Sarah Johnston became the new Chairperson, with Bryan Coleborne as her Deputy Chairperson.  Each member of the PPC will give an outline of their areas of responsibility this year and can form a committee to support their work.  I am delighted Genevieve Colbert has joined the PPC, caring for education.  Genevieve is a recent arrival to our community and has enormous experience in this area of responsibility.

Lent begins on the 6th March and parishioners will be given the opportunity to join a group to explore more deeply issues of faith.  Interested Gunning parishioners, please contact Cath Byrnes.  Murrumbateman parishioners will have two groups.  Yass parishioners should speak with Genevieve Colbert or express interest by contacting the parish office.

There was a very successful concert held on Sunday.  Thanks to Lourdes O’Keefe, her helpers and those who provided the food at interval.  Also Paul O’Keefe and Michael Green for organising the seating.  Before the concert, Paul, Peter Cleary, John Foran, Bryan Coleborne, Chris Gold, Peter Brady and Bob Nash who moved chairs from the hall to the Lovat Chapel.  Many thanks!

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