Thoughts from the presbytery – 28 October

  • Designing a survey reflecting the comments of the participants at the gathering for the Plenary Council 2020 is proving to be more difficult than I had anticipated. Members of the PPC have decided there are seven or eight topics needing further responses through the survey and we hope to have appropriate questions within the next two weeks for the broarder community.  Upper primary at Mt. Carmel have also been involved with their own response and I am surprised at the level of maturity expressed in their own responses.  They have shared their concerns and are very positive for the future of the Catholic Church in Australia.
  • Rotary will be using the courtyard of the Hartigan Centre for the markets. I am grateful to Russell Hill for his involvement, arriving at the decision which will benefit the Yass Community.
  • The Embassy of Japan in Timor Leste are looking at a partnership with Yass/Gunning Belun to build the offices and training centre for the blind, on the land we purchased in Tibar a short distance outside Dili.
  • I will be attending a retreat at Galong for four days from the 12th

Here is an opportunity to sign a petition for two Australians who told the truth about the Australian spying on the Timorese government in 2004, and who face two years’ jail as a result.  The espionage was conducted by the Australian government so that Australia would have the advantage in negotiations over the Timor Sea resources. The spying had nothing to do with “national security” but everything  to do with financial gain from one of the poorest nations on earth.

The petition is asking the Attorney-General that the case be dismissed.  It is found at

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