Thoughts from the presbytery – 12 July

  • Parishioners who contribute to the Sacrificial Planned Giving program are advised to collect your statement for the past twelve months, with tax exemption, at the back of the church. In this period, contributors have dropped from 110 to 95 and our income has remained static for the past two decades.  In an attempt to increase income, we rent two properties, the hall and a townhouse.  We need to raise revenue from the Hartigan Centre and Lovat Chapel, as these buildings were in desperate need of repair and maintenance, costing about a half a million dollars to comply with regulations and be used by the broader community.
  • At the finance meeting held this week we discussed heating for St. Augustine’s church. Besides the massive cost of installation, we would struggle with energy bills.
  • This coming Wednesday, 17th July, St. Augustine’s PPC will meet at the presbytery, 7:30pm. If you have issues you would like discussed, please inform a member as soon as possible.
  • On the 5th July, a wedding to which I was invited was celebrated in Dili, Timor Leste. Both the bride and groom are blind and almost a thousand people attended the wedding.  Gaspar is the groom and he is leader of the organization Yass/Gunning Belun has supported for the past five years.  Through financial support and advocacy, our group has brought dignity to the blind in Timor Leste.

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