Thoughts from the presbytery – 11 April

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

You have seen the people of Great Britain, standing at their doors expressing gratitude to the frontline workers dealing with the coronavirus. The sacrifices they are making resonates with the supreme sacrifice of Jesus. Locally we have those in our hospital and nursing homes doing the same. My visits, only when called, require my temperature to be taken, declarations to be signed and gloves before I can see those who have requested my attendance. I have also been concerned for the young people at the checkouts at the supermarkets, thank goodness there is an effort being made at this late stage to protect their health.

Isn’t it a blessing living in Yass/Gunning in these difficult times of isolation. The care of our people is truly exceptional and I remind those over 70 years of age who would appreciate someone shopping for them, give Lourdes a call, as she has volunteers who would like to help.

I am amused at the commentators who constantly use the expression, when things return to normal. Life as we knew it can never be the same, just look at the financial chaos. My sister sent me a book entitled, ‘Proof of Heaven’, by Eben Alexander, a neurosurgeon’s journey into the afterlife. It is an interesting read of a life transformed, if you can cope with the scientific and medical jargon. He no longer doubts the reality of heaven and warns us of the mundane life people too often choose.

Today we are waiting at the tomb of the crucified one, in the stillness of a world locked down in fear and uncertainty. Our world radically changes with a new energy as we enter the greatest liberating moment in history.


May the Risen Lord bless you all, stay safe and continue to care for each other.


In the Risen Lord,
Mick Burke

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