Plenary Council survey results

64 parishioners from Yass, Gunning and Murrumbateman responded to the parish survey on the Plenary Council agenda. Respondents were asked to rate the importance of 9 topics that were suggested for the Plenary Council agenda as a result of the parish workshop held on 17th October 2018. Each topic received a rating from 1 (not at all important) to 10 (extremely important).  Overall, all topics ranked quite highly but there is a significant difference between the highest and lowest ranked. The top ranked topic with a weighted score of 9.33 out of a possible 10 related to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse:  “How can the Church at all levels deliver an empathetic, transparent and practical response to the recommendations of the Royal Commission?” 

To read the full results from the survey click here.

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