Thoughts from the presbytery – 14 December

The Sunday following Christmas is the fifth Sunday of the month and Mass will be celebrated at Wee Jasper at 10am.  On that Sunday, Gunning and Murrumbateman will hold a Liturgy of the Word with Holy Communion.  If you have visitors, the scenic drive to Wee Jasper is a real treat.

From now until the end of January there is little to report in the bulletin and after Christmas we will print a smaller version.  Today we continue with the findings from our survey for the Plenary Council 2020 and you might disagree with some comments.  All opinions are to be taken into consideration and discussed when we meet on the 6th February.

Parishioners who contribute to our Sacrificial Planned Giving using envelopes, they are at the back of the church.

For Charles Lovat, ‘Shepherd of Shepherd’s’, a gift suggestion, can be purchased from Tony MacQuillan or our parish office for $20 a copy.

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