Thoughts from the presbytery – 18 January

  • Next Saturday, Australia Day, Mass will be held at the normal time with prayers for our country.
  • Deacon Matt Ransom, co-ordinator for C.C.D., has asked Margaret Friend to oversee catechists in our community. This is the most critical concern for our parish as we have an obligation to reach out to the many baptised children attending Government Schools.  It’s not a huge commitment as it only involves four days a year.  We desperately need volunteers to consider this wonderful apostolate and ask all parishioners to keep this matter in your prayers.
  • Augustine’s Finance Committee will meet for the first time this year, 5th February at 5:30pm. If you have agenda items, please inform a member.  Gunning Finance Committee will also meet in February on a date to be decided.
  • The gathering to discuss issues to be raised at the Plenary Council 2020 will be held 6th February at 7:30pm in the Hartigan Centre.
  • We have transferred $30,000 Australian since November to our account in Dili for our works in Timor Leste. Today, as the bulletin is being printed, our people are meeting with the Japanese Embassy in Dili in the hope of a joint project for the blind.

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