Thoughts from the presbytery – 25 January

  • As St. Augustine’s Parish Pastoral Council doesn’t have a Chairperson, I would like to suggest the 13th February for our first meeting in 2019. At this meeting we will elect a new Chairperson.  We also have a vacancy for a parishioner to oversee education, involving adult education and children not attending Mount Carmel.  Please let me know if you would be interested in this important role.
  • Our gathering on the 6th February, 7:30pm at the Hartigan Centre, to discuss topics we would like discussed at the Plenary Council 2020, will be lead by Paul Trezise as facilitator. You can prepare for this meeting by reading the feedback from our survey.
  • The Finance Committee will meet on the 6th February at 5:30pm. As it is over thirty years since the Lovat Chapel was painted externally, I hope we will be able to do this painting before major work is required.  Donations for this painting would be gratefully accepted.
  • The wooden trusses in our clinic in Usi Tasae have had to be replaced by steel, due to the termites in Oecusse. AHMDTL, the organisation for the blind in Timor Leste, have been assured of significant financial support by the Japanese Embassy, to build the training centre on the land we purchased.  Yass/Gunning Belun have been advocates for the blind in the past four years.

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