Thoughts from the presbytery – 22 February

Our submission from the discussion leading to the Plenary Council 2020 will be sent directly to those overseeing the process.  I am grateful to those parishioners who volunteered to take our findings to Goulburn, but this proposed gathering has been cancelled.

Wednesday week begins the season of Lent and in these times of uncertainty, penance should be not only inward and individual, but also outward and social.  Masses on Ash Wednesday are as follows:

  • 7:30am –           Augustine’s, Yass
  • 9:00am –           Francis Xavier, Gunning
  • 5:30pm –           Augustine’s, Yass

If you would like to join in a Lenten discussion group, please let us know this Monday or Tuesday by informing the parish office.

Sister Maria Odelia CIJ, and Sr. Maxentia CIJ, who run our clinic at Oelmambai, Oecusse, have sent us a detailed budget for 2019.  The costs involved amount to approx. $20,000 Australian.  They also included a request to build accommodation at their convent in Formentu in Dili for poor children who seek further education.  The cost of this accommodation is about $18,000 Australian, which I will discuss with them when I visit Timor Leste 1st May.

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