Thoughts from the Presbytery – 26 August

There have been many people who have helped the members of the organizing committee to ensure a successful celebration for our 180 years as a parish. To everyone involved, many thanks.

After this weekend we will focus on our response to the Plenary Council 2020. Survey sheets will be widely distributed before a gathering of interested people, to be held on 17th October. We begin a journey of listening to God by listening to each other as we discern a better future for the Catholic Church in Australia. Once views and opinions are gathered at a local level, some representatives will join with parishes in the deanery during Lent 2019, to share collective findings.

I recommend as many parishioners as possible to be on our email list. You will notice when you log on, you nominate your community, Gunning, Yass or Murrumbateman.

In the past month we received two donations of $2,000 each for our work in Timor Leste. The clinic in Usi Tasae will require $14,000 American each year as it works with patients, especially those suffering leprosy and tuberculosis. Midwifery has also become a focus in an area where infant mortality and mothers dying at child birth is a significant issue.

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