Thoughts from the presbytery – 15 March

At St. Augustine’s Parish Pastoral Council held this week, we welcomed Lourdes O ‘Keefe who will manage the social portfolio, assisted by Steve Scroope.  We listened to reports from each member and these will be available to parishioners via email and the noticeboard.  If you read the reports, I think you will be amazed at the activities and the number of people involved in our community.

I was asked this week about the Academy of Music and its future.  Unfortunately there was resistance to it being established in Yass and we only received rent for two months.  There was a similar issue with CatholicCare who missed out on contracts.  The two front rooms at the main entrance of the Hartigan Centre are for rent, if you know of anyone interested.

After Easter, I will be taking annual leave and spending the first two weeks in Timor Leste.

Mass will be held this Tuesday, 5:30pm, the feast of St. Joseph.

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