Yass supports Caritas Kitchen

Parishioners from St Augustine’s Parish strike a pose at the Caritas Kitchen Project Compassion launch last Thursday. After a delicious pot luck dinner, guest speaker Paul Mwenda told his story about the afternoon in Kenya when blindness became his constant companion. Paul’s story was extraordinary; he described how important it was to him to forgive the perpetrators of his blindness in order to move on with his life. In his efforts to thrive and succeed, Paul has been a trailblazer for access to education for people with disabilities in Kenya and the world. Hope is his driving motivator and he encouraged us all to make a difference one person at a time. We were also treated to Paul’s musical talents as he sang one of his songs in Swahili. When he is not studying his Masters of Public Policy at ANU, advocating for disability and human rights or excelling at blind cricket, Paul is working on a new album . Out soon.

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