Thoughts from the presbytery – 8 March

I was delighted to see the number of people who attended the two Masses at St. Augustine’s on Ash Wednesday, more than in previous years.  I hope we all avail ourselves of the disciplines of prayer, fasting and almsgiving, as we journey towards Easter with renewed spirits.  At Easter there will be three adults who will be baptized, confirmed and share with us the Eucharistic meal, please keep them in your prayers.

This week, St. Augustine’s Parish Pastoral Council will meet and if any parishioner would like issues discussed, please inform a member.

Whilst our primary task in the mountains of Oecusse is to care for people with TB and leprosy, services for midwives are in great demand.  We have employed another midwife, a highly qualified Indonesian girl, as the reputation of those who are working for us at present has placed great demands on our staff.

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