Thoughts from the presbytery – 29 March

At the Easter Vigil, Wendy Caire, Trish Chipangura and Georgia Whitaker will be baptized, confirmed and join us at the Eucharistic altar.  In these last three weeks, please pray for these three wonderful ladies as they prepare to join us.

As a result of our yearly audit for WHS, we have discovered a significant upgrade is needed of fire extinguishers and exit signs to comply with regulations.  This will be expensive and not in our budget.  I am grateful to Bob Nash and our Finance Committee for seeing this as a matter of urgency and endeavouring to keep costs to a minimum.

This year I will begin annual leave after Easter Sunday and I will be away for the following four Sundays.  As I will be in Timor Leste for two weeks, I have been told to take an additional weekend off.  Fr. Greg Beath has generously offered to supply during my absence.

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