Thoughts from the presbytery – 28 June

  • In this bulletin, Di Carey thanks all those involved with the celebration of first Holy Communion. I just hope parishioners are aware of the hundreds of hours Di spends, in a voluntary capacity, organizing our sacramental programs.
  • Last Sunday, many people enjoyed a fascinating talk by Dr Robyn Cadwallader on the spirituality in the anchoress. This was organized by Bryan Colebourne.
  • As it is winter and the church is very cold early in the morning, I have been asked to change the time of Mass on Thursdays to 8:30am. Those who attended Mass last Sunday for first Holy Communion would appreciate how cold the building can be without heaters.  One parishioner said that the next time he kills a beast he will hang it in the church.
  • Being the end of the financial year, I encourage as many as possible to consider contributing to our Sacrificial Planned Giving Program, by envelopes or direct giving.
  • This week in Timor Leste, water was connected to the convent in Bobonaro. Prior to this week, water was carried a considerable distance each day.  I am grateful for two generous donations this past week of $1,000 and to those who contribute on a regular basis.

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