Thoughts from the presbytery – 13 September

The celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation last weekend was one of the best I have experienced.  Congratulations to everyone involved, beautifully expressed by Di Carey in this bulletin.

On the 24th September both Yass and Gunning parishes will be audited to ensure all financials are in order.  After the audit, both communities will be presented with the financial statements for last year.  It is important that if any parishioner has questions about our accountability, they speak with a member of our Finance Committees.

During dinner last Sunday, I spoke to the Archbishop about my plans for the future.  He is aware I won’t be reapplying for Yass and Gunning parishes next August, as I believe a younger priest would inject a new energy for the benefit of all parishioners.  After long service leave, which I’ve never taken in forty-eight years, I will return to assist in a parish or take on a chaplaincy position.

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