Thoughts from the presbytery – 11 October

At St Augustine’s PPC meeting held this week, Paul O’Mara explained to members how collections are distributed and the financial status of the parish. It became clear to me that many parishioners are unsure as to what happens with collections. Perhaps we should have an open session for all interested parishioners to counter misunderstandings.

Reports on the portfolios of members of the PPC will be posted on our website. After a successful MenAlive breakfast, it was decided to meet on the second Saturday of each month at 7:45am.

St. Augustine’s Finance Committee will meet next Wednesday 16th October, 6pm at the presbytery. If you have issues you would like discussed, speak with a member.

Requiem Mass for William Grace will be held this Wednesday at 1pm. The 5:30pm Mass is cancelled as a result.

The Vigil Mass next Saturday will be celebrated by Fr. Warwick Tonkin. I will be joining family and friends for the 80th birthday party for my sister. Don’t forget, Mass is cancelled at Murrumbateman next Sunday due to the Murrumbateman Field Days.

As funds are low and demands are great, donations to our work in Timor Leste would be greatly appreciated.

BSB: 062 786
Account number: 0000 28521
Account name: Timor Leste
Reference: T.L. Donation

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