Thoughts from the presbytery – 18 October

  • Welcome Fr. Warwick Tonkin who celebrates the Vigil Mass and thanks to our Gunning community who organized a Liturgy of the Word with Holy Communion. This gives me the opportunity to spend time with my family as we celebrate my sister’s 80th
  • At the finance meeting held this week, we looked at the recommendations from the recent audit, next week all parishioners will receive a simplified balance sheet for the year and members are happy to respond to any questions you might have.
  • Some people are aware that Peter Patrick has been unwell for a few weeks, with a serious leg ulcer and a weakened heart. He will need to cut back for his own good.  Peter does so many things, too often taken for granted by all of us.
  • Today is Mission Sunday and there are envelopes on the seats for those willing to contribute.
  • I am most grateful for a donation of $1,500 this past week for our clinic in Usi Tasae.

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