Thoughts from the presbytery – 25 October

As an insert with the bulletin today is the Financial Statement, January to December 2018 and January to August 2019.  It is a simplified version and if you require further information, please discuss with a member of our Finance Committee.  I am grateful to Paul O’Mara, Irene Carr and Mark Valencic for the additional work for a less complicated statement.

We have two outstanding loans which hold us back from doing additional maintenance.  Due to the buildings in our care, Yass parish will always have issues with ongoing repairs and maintenance, an obvious example is the Lovat Chapel which hasn’t been painted since 1986.  Without the ongoing generosity of those parishioners who contribute to the finances of the parish, our mission to the broader community who don’t contribute would be limited.

I’m in the process of organizing a brief visit by a Dominican Sister from Timor Leste.  She spent over ten years at the orphanage in Oecusse and is an exchange teacher working for a month on the Gold Coast.  Those parishioners who have visited Oecusse would have met Sr. Adina.

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