Thoughts from the presbytery – 29 November

Bi-monthly the Minister’s Fraternal meet at the presbytery to discuss issues relevant to the various Christian communities in the Yass Valley.  Christmas Carols are one of the combined projects undertaken and costs in excess of $3,000 to put on.  Each church contributes $500 to the Christmas carols and support from local businesses is sought.  A young lady teaches scripture at Yass High School, financed by contributions and to a large extent, the Anglican Church.  There are many other topics discussed and Bryan Coleborne organises speakers on a regular basis, to speak on topics helpful for spiritual development.  Ecumenism is an important area for all parishioners to be involved as we celebrate what is held in common, the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

Both St. Augustine’s and St. Francis Xavier’s Finance Committees met this past week.  Yass has a schedule for ongoing maintenance, prepared by Bob Nash, and the final figure, if we were to achieve most of what is needed in the future, is in excess of $350,000.  We will chip away at the urgent matters, depending on our financial capability.

Gunning has approved the purchase of a new organ, costing $7,000, to replace the present 41 year old organ.

An additional problem is the excessive electricity bill for the presbytery, due to the bore pump for watering the oval.  The bore pump will be moved from the presbytery to the school, a saving in excess of $2,000 per annum.

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