Thoughts from the presbytery – 31 January

Visiting farmers in our community it becomes obvious the toll the drought is having and how tired people are, feeding their animals and anxious where to source feed.  An added pressure is the lack of water.  Please pray and support each other in these very difficult times and express our dependence on God in our prayer for rain.

The first meeting for the year of the Ministers Fraternal will be held at the presbytery this coming Thursday.  We need to celebrate what we hold in common and demonstrate a united front in bringing the Gospel to the broader community.

Mount Carmel School will hold the Opening Mass for the year, Thursday 13th February, 9:45am.  This will replace the normal 7:30 Mass on this day.

I am grateful for a donation of $1,000 towards our mission in Timor Leste.  As you are aware, our team is working to bring water to two more villages at present.

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