Thoughts from the presbytery – 1 April

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I hope and pray you are all well and adjusting to our new monastic lifestyle. If you have any needs or just want to talk to me, please use my mobile (0448 414 541) and not the landline (6226 1086). I’m unable to change the message on the landline and it sometimes fails to record.

Forty priests joined the Archbishop, Vicar General, Helen Delahunty and Victor Dunn by a Zoom conference yesterday. There was obvious strain on the faces of many as we discussed Easter, initiatives in parishes and finances. Many of our parishioners have expressed concern about our finances and let me assure you it is the least of our worries. If you want to change from envelopes to direct giving, the details are as follows:

St. Augustine’s Parish, Church A/C CDF A/C 316S11
BSB: 062 786
A/C number: 000013002

Mount Carmel will close this Friday. I am grateful to the teachers who have worked long hours to ensure ongoing learning for the children at home and have been working under difficult circumstances.

Irene and Colin Carr have arrived back in Australia having been in Japan not knowing if they were going to be repatriated. A stressful time for them and I’m grateful for your prayers for their safe arrival.

Congratulations to Sheila and Walter Armstead on the 65th anniversary of their wedding.

If you are prepared to be a volunteer and shop for an elderly parishioner or you are an elderly parishioner who requires someone to shop for you, please contact Lourdes O’Keefe (0413 096 413).

We have had to close our clinics in Oecusse due to a high demand from people crossing the border. Most people living in Dili have left for the mountains and the 26 living at our office in Tasitulo are being sensible.

At this stage we can only guess how long we will live in isolation, in the meantime please keep in contact and be aware Mass is celebrated each day for your intentions.

Mick Burke

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