Thoughts from the presbytery – 12 June

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

It was wonderful being able to celebrate with many parishioners last weekend.  Thank you for your commitment to the faith and your generosity expressed by the collections.  This Sunday will be the last Liturgy of the Word via Zoom, as long as the coronavirus is kept at bay.  Due to the restricted numbers for the present, this weekend the Vigil and 10:15am Mass at St. Augustine’s is reserved for those parishioners with surnames N-Z.  Weekday Mass is open to everyone.

St. Augustine’s Parish Pastoral Council will meet this coming Wednesday at the Hartigan Centre.  If you have issues you would like discussed, please speak with a member.  A major agenda item is developing a Charter for the PPC.

We were able to get a truck load of rice and cooking oil to the starving people in the mountains of Oecusse.  National TV were there for the distribution in an attempt to shame the Timor Leste Government into action.  They promised the people rice and $100 per family but there has been nothing at this stage.

Yours fraternally,
Mick Burke.

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