Thoughts from the presbytery – 26 April

The celebration of the Sacred Paschal Triduum were magnificent.  There were many positive comments about the choir and I am grateful to Annabelle and all members of the choir for the time they spent preparing for the ceremonies.  Peter Cleary spent many hours making sure the decorations in the sanctuary were in place and to the acolytes, servers and readers, well done.  Judith and Sandra for the flower arrangements and all who prepared linen and cleaning of the church, many thanks.

It was a great joy to welcome into the Catholic Church Trish, Wendy and Georgia.  The supper after the Vigil Mass, organized by Lourdes, was a beautiful gathering of many people and the food supplied by generous parishioners was exceptional.  We should be proud of our community of communities, where so many extraordinary people give of their time and talents.

I have delayed by a few days my time in Timor Leste as I need to rest before the hectic pace of working in that country.  We have received two more donations of $1,000 for our projects.  If I get the time, I will send photos of our work for the bulletin.

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