Christmas message

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

This will be a difficult Christmas for many this year, as animals need to be fed and dams start to empty.  There are those confronted by fire, many having lost homes and the thousands of exhausted men and women fighting the fires and grieving at the deaths of those they work with.  For others, Christmas can be a lonely time.

No matter what our given circumstances, every single human being is invited to share in the hope, peace and love of a God who comes to save us.  Too many will miss the true spirit of Christmas without encountering the greatest gift humanity has been offered, Jesus the Saviour.  One of the greatest problems today is the pride and arrogance of people, unable to embrace in faith, the Way, the Truth and the Life, through lack of poverty of spirit.

Faith is the precious gift which bridges the gap between heaven and earth.  Pray for the gift of faith and pray for those who have lost or neglected the gift.

As this will be my last Christmas serving this communion of communities, I express gratitude for the wonderful people I have been called to serve.  It is important a younger priest with greater energy take my place.  God hasn’t finished with me yet and I am acutely aware of my human frailty and ask forgiveness for those I have hurt in any way.

Have a Happy and Holy Christmas,

Mick Burke

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