Thoughts from the presbytery – 6 March

After fifteen years in Yass, Sister Macrina is moving to Young in three weeks.  Due to the sudden decision of her superiors, we are given little time to express our gratitude for her wonderful contribution to our community, especially her work with the St. Vincent de Paul Society.  I suggest at the Vigil Mass on the 21st March we give thanks for her ministry and after Mass gather for a ‘pot luck’ meal at the Hartigan Centre.

Next Saturday I will be in Bega for a wedding and Fr. Greg Beath will celebrate the Vigil Mass.  In the morning, there will be a Liturgy with Holy Communion.

Coronavirus leads Catholic churches to change Mass practices and we have been directed as follows:

“Effective immediately, all Priests, Deacons, Altar Servers and Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist within the Archdiocese must wash their hands before the beginning of Mass. Those distributing Holy Communion also are being told to use the antibacterial solution before and after distributing Communion.

Additional guidelines for parishioners during Mass services include, according to a list distributed by the Archdiocese:

  • Avoiding physical contact during the sign of peace.
  • Holy Communion should be received only in the hand, not on the tongue.
  • The removal of Holy Water from all fonts.
  • Distribute the Sacred Host only and not the Precious Blood.

Other dioceses throughout the world are also limiting how Communion is distributed and taking steps to help reduce the transmission of the disease.”

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